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Lio: King of the Carnivores

Liopleurodon was the top predator in the ocean in the Jurassic Period. It returns to terrorize the oceans in modern times. The military, with the help of civilian scientists, work to stop this monster.

A Great Soldier in the Last Great War

As the Nazis push the Allies back during the Battle of the Bulge, they capture a secret weapon that will let them win the war. As Jonathan Brooks and his platoon engage the Germans, Brooks must not only defeat the Nazis but also conquer the evil within himself.

The Game of Existence

The Game of Existence is a novella that explores the strength needed to deal with life's adversities. As Private Henry Green returns from the Vietnam War, he is haunted by his experiences and must deal with disappointment. Disrespected by his peers for his service, he must rebuild his life. At the same time, Patrick Christopher, the son of religious, conservative parents, faces his own struggles. When a chance encounter introduces Henry and Patrick, they work together to restore their lives.