Michael Zucker

Lio: King of the Carnivores

Liopleurodon ferox was the deadliest predator to have ever lived on the planet. This reptilian monster had teeth larger than a man's head, a mouth the size of a minivan, and jaws that could crush granite into rubble. With a sense of smell that was more powerful than a vulture's, it could track its prey from miles away.

Liopleurodon ruled the oceans millions of years ago, during the dinosaur era. This creature could devour anything in the ocean, including sharks and smaller members of its own kind. This killer of ocean-dwelling animals became extinct over one hundred million years ago. Or so we thought...

One member of this species was frozen in ice during the Jurassic period, and was discovered in modern times. When a devious man sets her free, everything in the seas, including humans, is on the menu. Only one man, a scientist who studied Liopleurodon since childhood, stands between thousands of beach goers and the eighty-foot long, one-hundred-fifty-ton carnivore that returned from the past to continue her hunt...

Selected Works

Science Fiction
Liopleurodon, the largest predator in history, returns.
Historical Fiction
A platoon of American soldiers is given a mission to seize a German war secret.
When a chance encounter introduces Henry and Patrick, they work together to restore their lives.

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